If I was Alice…..

….. I would have never left wonderland

I wonder how many times as a child, I played the “if I” game….. and sometimes I still play it….. especially if someone triggers me off….. and it’s not a game as simple as it might seem, or as we thought as children, because it’s often hard to find an answer that will fully represent ourselves.

For example, today I tried to dedicate myself for the umpteenth time to this game, and there have been some “if I” really difficult to determine! For example, I wondered, “If I were a song“….. well, I would properly be “Baby I’m a fool” by Melony Gardot or perhaps “Live tomorrow” by Laleh…. No, come on, I would be “Careless love” by Madeleine Peyroux! Nooooooo: I would definitely be “The Best is yet to Come” by Michael Bublé! But eventually, after hours of intensive listening, I realized that if I were a song, I would probably be “Piece of my heart” sung by Janis Joplin, a song about love and anger, strong and intense, sung by a female and hoarse voice, both powerful and fragile….. Yes, I think I would be THIS song. I began with the most difficult task: music contains so many facets that it’s very hard to choose a single song….. but other choices are not simple, as well!

If I were a poet I would be Pablo Neruda, but if I were a poem I would be “I carry your heart with me” by E. E. Cummings, if I were a color I would be the color blue, if I were an animal I would be a dog, if I were a drink I would be a glass of iced Chardonnay.

If I were a novel I would be “Elle s’appelait (Sarah’s key) by Tatiana De Rosnay, if I were an album I would be “RIO” by Duran Duran, if I were a movie I would be “Under the Tuscan Sun” (at the present time), if I were a film director I would be Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis, if I were a comic book I would be “Marsupilam” by André Franquin… and so on…..

But how much exclusion, how many thoughts and afterthoughts to reach these conclusions! And I’m sure I’ll change my mind again and again!

But when I found myself thinking (thanks to a big help from the outside) “if I were a recipe, what would I be?” the response was immediate: “I would be a dish of Tiramisu“!

I would be a dish of Tiramisu, first of all because it’s my favorite dessert (I’d never be able to say no to Tiramisu), because - just like a sensible girl (with one eye on the scales) - I don’t give up so easily to dessert (I’m not a dessert-maniac, but I don’t say no to it, if you know what I mean), but especially because in this dish there is the (desired) holiday that I don’t have, there is summer, sun, southern Italy, things far away from me (some just now, others geographically) that I like to take and transplant to Denmark, anytime I feel like it….. and today I feel so!


All you need:
350-400 ml (12-14 fl oz) espresso coffee
4 eggs
60 g (3 ¼ oz) caster sugar
450 g (1 lb) mascarpone cheese
150 ml (5 fl oz) marsala wine
230 ml (7 ½ fl oz) whipping cream
300 g (11 oz) Savoyard biscuits (sweet Italian biscuits)
3 tablespoons good quality cocoa powder

Do this:
Make the espresso and pour the coffee in a bowl to cool down.

Separate the eggs and beat the egg yolks fluffy together with half of the caster sugar. Save the egg whites.

Stir the mascarpone cheese until it gets creamy and mix it with the egg yolks. Add the marsala wine.

Whip the cream until fluffy and carefully mix with the egg batter.

Spoon some of the batter in the bottom of a serving dish.

Quickly dip one biscuit at a time in the cold espresso coffee and cover the bottom of the dish.

Spoon over a layer of batter and dust with cocoa powder.

Repeat with another layer of dipped biscuits, batter and cocoa powder.

Repeat if necessary one more time, depending on the size of the serving dish.

Note: This Tiramisu is to die for.

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