As January comes to an end…..

…… I want to wish you all a wonderfully lovely Sunday!

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Today it’s cold…….

(Photo: atomic turquoise)

……. so I am wearing three layers, my heater is blasting and my cup of herbal tea is keeping my hands warm. Ushhh.

But the truth is, really cold days are lovely, don’t you think? Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the first cold breath outside, the feeling of my nose and cheeks turning red, and then the comforting rush of warm air, when I go back inside……

…… and I also love any excuse to have “cozy time”….. talking, snuggling, playing cards, eating good food, and just being together.

Tonight Peer and I plan to celebrate this cold day, by visit a couple of our friends, eating health food, drinking red wine (for me, it will be water), and playing games.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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It feels like……

…….. a fresh fruit and toast kind of morning! (bread is unfortunately something I only dream about). My agenda today consists of going to work, then diving right into my pajamas once I get home (with working out somewhere in the mix). Speaking of going to work, I should probably start getting ready soon.

Hey, did anyone see Celebrity MasterChef last night? I made poor Peer sit and watch an hour of it with me. He’s not too fond of the show, but I’m absolutely addicted to it! I love seeing how they construct all those lovely dishes.

Well, it’s time for me to make some breakfast and start my day!

Have a lovely weekend


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It’s like hanging around….

…in a lovely sea of rainbow…..  that’s the marimekko kimara hammock…

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My husband was in Gothenburg today…..

……. and when he came home, he handed me a gift….. this wonderful book:

“A Piece of Cake” 
 by Leila Lindholm (Photo:here)

The book: “Leilas bakbok “a piece of cake” contains over 200 delicious recipes for breads and pastries. Leila’s idea was to make a bakbok with everything from baguettes and mother’s crumpets to grandmother’s crisp blueberry pie, American wedding cake and peanut butter cupcakes. She has been inspired of her heroes in the kitchen……. her mother, grandmother and aunt Elsa. Leila’s many travels and above all, the time she lived in New York has influenced many of her beautiful and timeless pastries”.

It was love at first sight, when I saw the book on Pernillas kitchen shelf, when we were visiting her in Stockholm last weekend …. she got it as a gift last Christmas. I think I spent an hour looking at all the beautiful pictures…….. åhhhhhh…. I can’t wait the 4 weeks till I’m allowed to eat bread again….. so I can test all these delicious recipes.

But judge for yourself. You can browse the book if you visit this link


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My day seems to be…….

…….. riddled with random things that I don’t want to deal with today.

All I want is one more day off, to just hang out in my pajamas with a nice cup of hot chocolate (in my dreams)….. while watching a good movie and listening to the wind outside.

Anyways, just wanted to stop in and say hello before I get started on my day.

[Photo: steffilynn!]

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Beautiful butterfly wings…..

…by oh my deer

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Morning my dears!

It’s Wednesday and I have the day off from work. So I figured I’d do the whole to-do checklist thing again and get some stuff done!

My list looks something like this:

  • Make breakfast
  • Get dressed and ready for my day
  • Remove ice from the windows of my car (uggghhhh)
  • Take a trip to Malmø
  • Shopping at vegetable market
  • Cook another fabulous Lene Hansson recipe
  • Watch an old movie

What are your plans for today?

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The beads and rhinestone shoes……

…… weekend bags and bracelets from Malene Birger’s current spring accessories collection are perfect for a late lunch dates and warm spring nights…..


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I’ve been…..

…….. on an Audrey Hepburn film kick recently…… I love them!

The other night I had an Audrey marathon complete with a cup of herbal tea and soft pajamas.

These are the ones I’ve watched so far…

Do you like Audrey films? And if so, which is your favorite?…… and aren’t these movie posters fabulous?

Today’s post on delightful people: here

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