New Years Resolutions:

What are your top 5 goals you want to accomplish in 2013, and why are they on your list?

My goals are:

To complete and pass my exams in the beginning of the new year.

Work out all the details of my little company. Among the things this includes is: finishing my business plan, designing and writing all the content for We Love Wellness (currently under construction) and getting all my marketing materials finalized.

Continue to meditate and be mindful every day, since doing so uplifts my spirits and fills me with so much joy….. especially when I find that I’ve inspired someone else in the process.

To develop my art and brand in new, unexpected ways!

Be kind whenever possible. (It is always possible - Dalai Lama).

I hope that you and your loved ones will arrive safely and well into the new year - and that 2013 will meet all your hopes and expectations.

Happy New Year

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One little person…..

….. giving all of her time to peace, makes news.

Many people, giving some of their time, can make history.

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And so it is!

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“Choose to be…..

….. optimistic, it feels better.”
- Dalai Lama

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“The world we have created is…..

….. a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

- Albert Einstein

Start your day with stillness:
Developing a morning meditation practice can be a life-altering experience in the most positive way. In order to meditate effectively, you must commit to the process and be patient along the way, as it is very challenging to slow down and control your thoughts.

….. Not convinced meditation is for you? Here are five reasons that might change your mind….. along with a handful of tips on how to start a meditation practice.

5 convincing reasons
1. Wake up on the bright side
2. Enhance your awareness
3. Prevent stress and anxiety
4. Find the big picture
5. Boost overall well-being

Increased mindfulness makes us more emotionally balanced and encourages a general sense of wellness. Some evidence suggests that mindful meditation might even boost immune function. A daily meditation practice will leave you feeling present each day, intensify your appreciation for positive experiences, and empower you in your life.

How to Get Started
Get comfortable. Wear loose clothing…… you want to be comfy so that you’ll be able to focus instead of fidgeting.

Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed….. if you like, personalize it with a candle, incense, pictures, or anything that you find calming. Use a blanket, block, or pillow so that you’ll be able to sit comfortably with a nice, tall spine (sit against a wall to support your back if necessary).

Watch and feel your breath move through you….. just breathe and let your thoughts drift in and out of your mind.

Be indifferent. Don’t judge your thoughts. They are just thoughts. And besides, you get to choose what thoughts serve you, which ones to disregard, and how to act. LUCKY YOU.

Remember that meditation is a practice….. some days will be harder than others. It’s not about finding complete stillness in the mind but letting go of resistance and reactions to whatever arises.

Note: Morning meditation can be easy to blow off while lying cozy in bed, but once you’ve done it, keep in mind all the positive ways it makes you feel. Commit to your practice and you’ll see the benefits unfold…… last but not least, keep practicing.

I hope your weekend will be filled with good karma.

Lizzy ♥

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The little things?

The little moments?

They aren’t little

Enjoy every minute of your day…..

….. they are all unique!

Lizzy ♥

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Last week I returned to…..

….. NYC to spend a lovely autumn holiday with my daughter.

A year has passed since I last visited, and I thought I would give NYC a little love, and spend some time connecting with favorite places.

You properly have seen all the typical NYC landmarks - the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street - but today I wanted to bring you some of my NYC photos….. it’s a different take on the usual places.

This is the NYC, which I saw last week - some gritty, some pretty - but always artistic.

Enjoy my NYC.

Sun breaks through

Mondrian in SoHo

A nice ‘office view’

A mark of liberty

A sad but beautiful sight

Soaking up SoHo

A must see New York City landmark

Sidewalk Scene

Georgetown Cupcake

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He who loses…..

….. money, loses much;

he who loses a friend, loses more,

but he who loses courage loses all!

Miguel de Cervantes

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It’s Raining today

Adapt or perish, now as ever,

is nature’s inexorable imperative.

H. G. Wells

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“Everywhere is walking distance…..

….. if you have the time.”

-Steven Wright

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