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The past couple of weeks have been a little empty in the way of blog posts, because I have been busy and away on business to Paris, but now I’m back!

First up, here is a little information on what I did on my last day away.

I visited Brasserie Julien….. a relic from the glorious age of Art Nouveau.

It’s always a toss-up, on a brief visit to Paris, as to which brasserie to go to - either Julien’s or Flo’s - as both jewels are in the same area of rue de Fauborg St-Denis. For sheer aesthetics, Julien’s wins hands down.

I have often visited the restaurant and ate there, whenever I have been to Paris visiting the shows and exhibitions.

The food and atmosphere are still wonderful today, but the fresh flowers and the lady who used to take my coat are gone, and sadly it isn’t as busy as it once was - maybe a sign of the times we are in. The surrounding streets are still the same - filled with eastern smells, smoke and prostitutes - which makes it all the more sublime when you go inside, taste the aperitif of the day and try to decide which exquisitely traditional Parisian dish to have.

Julien’s was first opened in 1787, though it that time it was known as Le Cheval Blanc, and was converted into a brasserie in 1903. Aside from the paintings, Julien’s also has a floral stained glass roof made by the Guenne company in 1925, which highlights the famous Gismonda, depicting Sarah Bernhardt, as well as Arnaud Jean-Baptiste Segaud’s peacocks.

If you’re looking for a spot of history and a delightful place to eat next time you’re in Paris, I can recommend Julien’s as the place to go!

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If you are the paintbrush…..

….. and the world is your canvas,

then everything you do is the paint.

What does your canvas look like?

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“There is nothing like…..

….. staying at home
for real comfort.”

-Jane Austen

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“To think…..

….. creatively, we must be able to look afresh
at what we normally take for granted.”

-George Kneller

How are you today? I’m so happy that the weekend is here….. and we’ve got some fun plans lined up!

Tonight, we will be driving up to our skihouse I North of Sweden….. spring, sun and snow, can it be better?

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, make sure to have fun.


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My daughter…..

….. the artist!

Exit point 

Visual flow of line

Visual flow of focus

 I am obviously not impartial, but I think that these photos are absolutely amazing ♥

But judge for yourself!

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How fun are…..

….. these crocheted headphones, handmade by artist Traci Medeiros-Bagan?

I think each design recalls vintage crochet with a modern twist, and I would totally rock in a pair of those red ones!

Have a lovely weekend

♥ Lizzy

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Yesterday I…..

….. (and the sisterhood) visited Louisiana, the Museum of Modern Art, which is located in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across Øresund.

The museum frames the sculpture park facing the sea and the interaction between art, nature and the museum architecture is quite unique.

Louisiana is an international museum with a considerable collection of modern art. The museum’s permanent collection includes more than 3000 works and is one of the largest in Scandinavia. It takes its point of departure in the period after 1945 including artists like Picasso, Giacometti, Dubuffet, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, Rauschenberg, Henry Moore, Louise Bourgeois, Philip Guston, Morris Louis, Jorn, Baselitz, Polke, Kiefer, and Per Kirkeby.

Yesterday, we also had the pleasure of experiencing the first presentation in Scandinavia of American artist Walton Ford.

Walton Ford is a brilliant artist in the classical sense and at the same time an impressive and truly contemporary storyteller.

The majority of the sisters (translated into; all except me) was not particularly impressed, but I was gripped by his large, masterful watercolors of animals, - they are seducing and alarming….. and so full of vivid colors, bizarre clues and surreal symbolism.

This artist’s pictures have literary, historical and scientific sources, and Ford’s pictures are accompanied by quotations that form a textual counterpart to the narrative of the picture.

I just loved this one:

I wish to leave the world
By its natural door;
In my tomb of green leaves
They are to carry me to die.
Do not put me in the dark
To die like a traitor;
I am good, and like a good thing
I will die with my face to the sun
(A Morir, 1894)

By José Marti (1853-1895)

Cuban poet, essayist and journalist, who became the symbol of Cuba’s struggle for independence from Spain.

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And speaking about…..

….. the topic dogs….. or poppys:

Is there anyone who can help but smile, at the above photo?

My goodness, what a shot!

(Photo by Tim Flach)

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This autumn, I enrolled myself…..

….. in an cooking class….. but sometime I get afraid that I’m not going to be good at it, that I won’t like it… that it won’t work out…… that it’s not something which leads to anything…

But you know what? I’m doing it anyway…… I’m following the wild calling of my heart!

Are you following your heart?

♥ Lizzy

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Just around the corner from my office…..

….. we have a wonderful park….. this is something that Anton and I are quite excited about, as these beautiful surroundings often provide the framework for our small expeditions during the day, when Anton feel the urge to lift his leg.

The park I am referring to is “The king’s Gardens“, also called Rosenborg Castle Gardens, and it is the oldest royal garden in our country.

During the summer, the gardens are the setting for a lot of music and theatre events and it is also regularly used to show different forms of art…..

….. here you can see a few photos of some of the artworks that they have on the program in these days…..

Quite funny, right?

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