As I often said to anyone listening…..

….. I am not a golfer….. or at best, a frustrated one, if you want to know really.

I have long admired people who can take that perfect golf swing ….. to see how the ball sails through the air, standing back in full balance, feeling calm spreading throughout the entire body…… and I had never thought (but always dreamt) that I could take the leap and perform that perfect swing.

But this weekend (I am playing in a golf tournament) my goal is to hear someone say: it’s bella (beautiful) and take their word for it….. or it’s molto buona (very good) I ‘ll take that as a real compliment.

The moment of truth has arrived, and we shall see whether the last weeks of intense training has paid off. Wish me luck!

….. but whatever happens, I’ll probably need one of these afterwards:

Margarita (2 drinks)

All you need:
10 cl (3 ½ fl oz) white tequila
5 cl (1 2/3 fl oz) Triple Sec Liqueur
Juice from 1 lemon
5 cl (1 2/3 fl oz) sugar syrup
Flaked salt for the brim of the glass

Do this:
Shake all of the ingredients with the ice in a shaker.

Use a lemon cleft to damp the brims of 2 margarita glasses.

Crumble the salt onto a plate and dip the brims in the crumble. Strain and serve.

I wish you a wonderful weekend


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2010 New Years Resolutions

“What are your top 3 goals you want to accomplish in 2010, and why are they on your list?

My goals are:


To develop my art and brand in new, unexpected ways!

Work out all the details of my little company. Among the things this includes is: finishing my business plan, designing and writing all the content for 2Retail (currently under construction) and getting all my marketing materials finalized.


Continue to blog once a day on Woman-hood & Delightful People since doing so uplifts my spirits and fills me with so much joy, especially when I find that I’ve inspired someone else in the process. I hope to gain a larger readership and continue to build relationships with blog friends and followers.


Read one new book every month. This was something I tried this year, but I didn’t quite get there. Maybe this year will be better.

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