Here are the first photo of…..

….. Anton’s 2 sons, Caesar and Antony

Her er de første foto af Antons 2 sønner: Cæsar og Antonius

Both the proud mother Daisy and her pups are doing well

Både den stolte mor Daisy og hendes hvalpe har det godt

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Sunday was Murphy’s birthday…..

….. and he got a royal visit, when both crown prince Frederik, crown princess Mary, prince Christian and princess Isabella came by to say hello.

They found that both dogs were so cute, that they had to stop and say hi

….. Anton and Murphy will properly not be washed for a long time ☺

Photo: HER & NU

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Your gonna love this…..

….. little guy!!! Just click below on the link

Oh Yikes, it’s Monday! 

Presenting, useful dog Tricks!! Whoever said tricks can’t be useful? 

This cute dog loves helping around the house,

and I just love his happy attitude and the smile on his face.

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The landscap…..

….. that in the summer may seem mild and sensual….. and make your soul float…..

….. can in winter: be raw, storm-beaten and give you cold cereals that can penetrate your skin.

But this crisp cold, can be incredibly stimulating….. as you come back indoors and sitting next to the stove, the aroma of birch, burning merrily, will penetrate your head outside as well as inside….. and leave a gentle calm in your soul.

Happy Friday


Photo: Private, woman-hood

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So cool

Photos: Private, woman-hood

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Christmas is approaching rapidly…..

…..  and soon I will have to think of Christmas gifts….. and of what to give the various members of my family.

Personally, I love book gifts (spiritual food)….. here is a cute little tale for the youngest members of the family:

The tale of the tiny cute pig
Author: Peter Nordahl
Illustrated by: Rasmus Bregnhøi

This is a story of a little pig with the urge to explore. Eventhough it is safe and cozy in the pigsty, the little pig thinks that it could be exciting to see what is inside the forest (even if the cock warns him about the wicked wolf)…… the little pig just has to look at the rest of the world, and therefore he sneaks out under the fence.

First he meets a hare, and they pick anemones together. Then he meets a mouse, and finally - after it gets dark, and the little pig should have gone home - he finds the wolf’s house. Here burns a nice chimney fire and it is very cozy. The wolf has trophies hanging from old animals that have settled here and has asked the wolf to tan their skins and hang them up after death. Actually, the wolf is a very nice guy who invites the pig to eat soup. It could have gone very wrong, but fortunately the cock grasped suspicion when the pig doesn’t come home before dark, so it attacks the wolf - the end of the story is; the little pig runs home to his mother and the comfortable surroundings in the pigsty…… and the cock….. it survives to.

Rasmus Bregnhøi, must be one of our country’s most prolific children’s book illustrators….. and he has portrayed the characters in the best idyllic Pooh style, with lots of flowers, butterflies and other ‘It was so lovely out in the country…..’ accessories.

It’s a cute story, in the best adventure style: Out and back home. And the writing style makes sure that it does not get too syrupy….. for example, the piglet’s mother is a big sow (but I guess the slightly ironic dimension with Disney impulses, is possibly a greater enjoyment for adults than for kids).

I love this book.

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And speaking about…..

….. the topic dogs….. or poppys:

Is there anyone who can help but smile, at the above photo?

My goodness, what a shot!

(Photo by Tim Flach)

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And since we are talking about love

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
is just to love,
 and be loved in return.”

-Eden Ahbe

Photo: private woman-hood

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A little more Murphy

lets grab a ride on this strange thing….. 

or I could play with the brush…..

or the ball…..

or maybe I should play with the newspaper?

Yawn….. a little puppy grows tired after playing a full day.

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Say hi to Murphy…..

Murphy 4 weeks

….. (His father’s name is Eddie)….. and he is Anton’s new “baby brother”.

Murphy 5 weeks

Murphy is a little troll….. and already at the age of 5 weeks, he knows that a slipper is pure heaven.

Murphy 6 weeks

Eaven for a 6-week puppy the bum can be heavy….. but Murphy is stubborn and has will….

The world is full of obstacles….. and here Murphy certainly has faced a challenge that simply must be overcome. He is very curious and loves to discover the world.

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