I’ve recently started to…..

….. work out in the morning.

This happens every once in a while, and I usually don’t know what sparks the urge, but I like it.

Anyways, I’m feeling healthy, so whether it comes from eating right, doing something particularly active, or just simply taking care of myself….. I love the feeling. Squats and crunches, here I come!

What have you done for yourself lately, that make you feel good?

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Today, I’m apparently mastering the art…..

….. of puttering around the house in a faded, old PJ and a sad excuse for a ponytail.

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New Years Resolutions:

What are your top 5 goals you want to accomplish in 2013, and why are they on your list?

My goals are:

To complete and pass my exams in the beginning of the new year.

Work out all the details of my little company. Among the things this includes is: finishing my business plan, designing and writing all the content for We Love Wellness (currently under construction) and getting all my marketing materials finalized.

Continue to meditate and be mindful every day, since doing so uplifts my spirits and fills me with so much joy….. especially when I find that I’ve inspired someone else in the process.

To develop my art and brand in new, unexpected ways!

Be kind whenever possible. (It is always possible - Dalai Lama).

I hope that you and your loved ones will arrive safely and well into the new year - and that 2013 will meet all your hopes and expectations.

Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas…..

….. and Happy New Year 

At the close of another year, I will like to wish you a happy holiday and a successful 2013.

Instead of sending cards or gifts, I support:  The child cancer foundation

Best wishes


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“Choose to be…..

….. optimistic, it feels better.”
- Dalai Lama

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Beautiful Monday morning…..

….. and I’m looking forward to spend a lovely autumn week in NY.

Have a good one.


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I need to wake up!

Lately, I feel like there is nothing I can do to keep my eyes open and mind alert.

Things in my life is wearing me out…. although I am so thankful to be here (think about the alternative).

I think I just need a few more days (in bed) to recharge and sleep it off…… in the meantime, thanks for bearing with sporadic posts!

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A very quick post…..

….. with a very clear intention: wish a HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to me!

I wish it to myself, cause you never know! Oh, yes, I fall into the birthday’s post cliche, too, but I won’t keep going (at myself, of course) stating my desperation for the advancing age (but the age advances, though)….. or describing everything that I prepared for the celebrations in my honor….. well, actually I didn’t prepare anything (I forgot to bake the cake yesterday) and there was no special celebration (what the heck!).

But, for my non-birthday (if I remember to bake it tonight), I will prepared this Strawberries cake with lemon curd (sort of)….

….. why I prepare a Strawberries cake with lots of whipped cream for my non-birthday, when I don’t go crazy for whipped cream? This remains a mystery to solve. But that’s another story, which I think has something to do with the mental tares I’m in at the moment…… look on the bright side, at least I don’t have to turn on the oven!

Strawberries cake with lemon curd
1 cake / 12 pieces
a little syrup (see recipe here)
a glass of lemon curd
1 vanilla stick
½ dl sugar
2 liters of fresh strawberries
3 dl whipping cream

Do this:
I will cheated a little, and buy finished cake plates.

Prepare the lemon curd (see recipe below) and let it cool in refrigerator.

Scrape vanilla seeds out and mix them with sugar. Guilt and slice half of strawberries and mix them with sugar.
Spread fruit on the bottom cake plate.

Put a cake plate on top and spread lemon curd on.

Put the last cake plate on top and cover it with light whipped cream and the rest of the quilted fresh fruit.

Tip: If you want your cake juicier, you can mix a little punch (or rum) with syrup and brush the bottom cake plate with it, before you add the fruit. This will make the cake juicy and add a wonderful liqueur flavor

Lemon Curd (1 small jar)
3 lemons
1 1/2 dl sugar
50 g butter
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 eggs
2 egg yolks

Do this:
Mix grate from 3 lemons with juice from 2 lemons and boil up with sugar and butter.

Pour liquid through a sieve.
Mix cornstarch into the juice from the third lemon and stir it into the hot liquid.

Beat the eggs together and stir them into the hot liquid, place the liquid back on the stove and let it simmer, stirring constantly until the cream gets thick.

Pour the cream into a clean glass and let it cool.

Tip: the Lemon curd should be kept in the refrigerator.

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Yes, today is…..

….. my birthday….. I’m going towards 50 - jubilee!

And, while someone claims that the making of one’s own birthday cake is bad luck (but why?), or simply is not very nice, I have a certain compulsion (”another one?”, you’d say) not only in preparing the dessert, but the whole dinner for a party in my honor!

Am I stupid?! Maybe.

Do I love cooking too much?! For sure!

On my birthday, however, traditionally I don’t cook. We will eat at a restaurant (preferably a surprise restaurant) and this year (we celebrated in advance and held my birthday last Saturday) my daughter and I chose to eat on the very nice restaurant “Søsterne Olsen”….. it was awesome….. I chose (as always) dessert instead of the starter (yet another lie - I ate both)….. I chose my favorite ice-cream: a little semifreddo, a soft fruit one and the three chocolates one - what the heck!

But, for all other parties, believe me, I MUST (it’s a primordial need) prepare something….. the whole dinner, a starter or just the dessert.

But this year I will skip the party, and only make the cake, which I will bring with me to the office tomorrow — I guess I have to celebrate twice as much next year.

….. and since I have not baked the cake yet, I’ll post this unforgettable desserts - perfect for a birthday party.

Ice cream bomb with raspberry meringue
2 litres softened vanilla ice cream
¾ litre softened raspberry sorbet
1 cake base (purchased is fine)
1 small (¾ litre) and 1 large (2 litres) metal bowls

Raspberry meringue
3 free-range egg whites
4 drops fresh lemon juice
325 ml sugar
200 g fresh raspberries

Freeze the bowls (so the ice cream sticks better to the sides and does not melt as quickly when the bowls are to be filled).

Soften the sorbet in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Pack it firmly into the little metal bowl. Cover with cling film and freeze it until the sorbet is hard again, about 2 hours.

Soften the vanilla ice cream in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Cover the bottom and walls of the larger (frozen) metal bowl with vanilla ice cream so you leave the centre hollow.

Take the bowl with the raspberry sorbet out and rinse the outside of the bowl quickly with hot water. Take the sorbet out and press it into the hollow space in the vanilla ice cream. Fill in any excess space with more vanilla ice cream and spread a layer of vanilla ice cream on top so the sorbet disappears into the middle of the bomb.

Cut a round slice out of the cake bottom so it covers the entire surface of the ice cream. Cover with cling film and freeze again until the ice cream bomb is hard.

Rinse the outside of the bowl quickly with hot water and press the ice cream out. Freeze it again so the surface freezes.

Whisk the egg whites, lemon juice and 1 dl sugar with an electric mixer into a thick meringue in a dry and clean stainless steel bowl.

Add another 1 dl sugar while whipping it.

Mash the raspberries with the rest of the sugar and whip it into the meringue at low speed. Whip it hard until it is firm.

Pipe or spread the meringue over the ice cream bomb and cook the surface with a blow torch


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If I was Alice…..

….. I would have never left wonderland

I wonder how many times as a child, I played the “if I” game….. and sometimes I still play it….. especially if someone triggers me off….. and it’s not a game as simple as it might seem, or as we thought as children, because it’s often hard to find an answer that will fully represent ourselves.

For example, today I tried to dedicate myself for the umpteenth time to this game, and there have been some “if I” really difficult to determine! For example, I wondered, “If I were a song“….. well, I would properly be “Baby I’m a fool” by Melony Gardot or perhaps “Live tomorrow” by Laleh…. No, come on, I would be “Careless love” by Madeleine Peyroux! Nooooooo: I would definitely be “The Best is yet to Come” by Michael Bublé! But eventually, after hours of intensive listening, I realized that if I were a song, I would probably be “Piece of my heart” sung by Janis Joplin, a song about love and anger, strong and intense, sung by a female and hoarse voice, both powerful and fragile….. Yes, I think I would be THIS song. I began with the most difficult task: music contains so many facets that it’s very hard to choose a single song….. but other choices are not simple, as well!

If I were a poet I would be Pablo Neruda, but if I were a poem I would be “I carry your heart with me” by E. E. Cummings, if I were a color I would be the color blue, if I were an animal I would be a dog, if I were a drink I would be a glass of iced Chardonnay.

If I were a novel I would be “Elle s’appelait (Sarah’s key) by Tatiana De Rosnay, if I were an album I would be “RIO” by Duran Duran, if I were a movie I would be “Under the Tuscan Sun” (at the present time), if I were a film director I would be Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis, if I were a comic book I would be “Marsupilam” by André Franquin… and so on…..

But how much exclusion, how many thoughts and afterthoughts to reach these conclusions! And I’m sure I’ll change my mind again and again!

But when I found myself thinking (thanks to a big help from the outside) “if I were a recipe, what would I be?” the response was immediate: “I would be a dish of Tiramisu“!

I would be a dish of Tiramisu, first of all because it’s my favorite dessert (I’d never be able to say no to Tiramisu), because - just like a sensible girl (with one eye on the scales) - I don’t give up so easily to dessert (I’m not a dessert-maniac, but I don’t say no to it, if you know what I mean), but especially because in this dish there is the (desired) holiday that I don’t have, there is summer, sun, southern Italy, things far away from me (some just now, others geographically) that I like to take and transplant to Denmark, anytime I feel like it….. and today I feel so!


All you need:
350-400 ml (12-14 fl oz) espresso coffee
4 eggs
60 g (3 ¼ oz) caster sugar
450 g (1 lb) mascarpone cheese
150 ml (5 fl oz) marsala wine
230 ml (7 ½ fl oz) whipping cream
300 g (11 oz) Savoyard biscuits (sweet Italian biscuits)
3 tablespoons good quality cocoa powder

Do this:
Make the espresso and pour the coffee in a bowl to cool down.

Separate the eggs and beat the egg yolks fluffy together with half of the caster sugar. Save the egg whites.

Stir the mascarpone cheese until it gets creamy and mix it with the egg yolks. Add the marsala wine.

Whip the cream until fluffy and carefully mix with the egg batter.

Spoon some of the batter in the bottom of a serving dish.

Quickly dip one biscuit at a time in the cold espresso coffee and cover the bottom of the dish.

Spoon over a layer of batter and dust with cocoa powder.

Repeat with another layer of dipped biscuits, batter and cocoa powder.

Repeat if necessary one more time, depending on the size of the serving dish.

Note: This Tiramisu is to die for.

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