Although the summer…..

….. soon will sing it’s last breath, there are still ways to extend this beautiful warm feeling of late summer….. and to bring a wonderful atmosphere of beach in to your house, balcony or garden.


Your can make your own shell curtain….. it is very easy….. just do this:

Make small holes in the shells using a nail and a hammer (just be care full, so that you don’t break the shells when you do it).

Then thread the shells onto cotton string and fasten them by making a simple knot.

Hang it in a doorway or a window……. alternatively, these shells are also perfect as decoration in an old tree in your garden.

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski

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It rains and rains…..

….. and outside my garden has exploded in fresh and crispy green….

….. a perfect opportunity to make a cute little hot house for my seedlings.

Cut the end of plastic bottles and place it over the seedling, just like a little hot house.
Remember to remove the cap, otherwise the plant cant breath.

Photography Studio Dreyer hensley.

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The weather today…..

….. cold, cold and bone chilling wind. Any way….. I walked out of my front door this morning and found this little beauty pushing her way through the frost-bitten earth.

I did a little happy dance right there in front of our house….. there is hope, spring is just around the corner now. I needed to see this….. I needed a sign to let me know that this freezing cold season is coming to an end!

Have a lovely day

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Indoor oasis…..

….. I love you…..

Too bad I often kill my plants!

I’m a green thumb wanna-be.

Photo west elm’s “urban garden”…..

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Today it feels like…..

….. spring is in the air, and the tree branches outside the window is for once not covered by snow.

I can feel that we are moving towards beautiful spring days, and soon small snowdrops will peep up through the soil.

To get in too the right spring mood, I have planted a small life in a glass bubble….. it lives on my window-seat while working on getting its roots.

Isn’t it lovely?

Mini greenhouse: Caroline Wetterlings

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It’s like hanging around….

…in a lovely sea of rainbow…..  that’s the marimekko kimara hammock…

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A rainy day 4

…. or what do you think of “Shadylace” with the carved leaf motif?

….. eller hvad syntes du om “Shadylace parasollen” med det udskårne bladmotiv?

Design: Chris Kabel

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A rainy day 3

I always say to myself… after rain comes sun ….. it’ll fix it all …. and it is never so bad, that nothing good comes out of it….

For example, check out these “Solid Poetry tiles”

Efter regnen kommer sol, plejer jeg at tænke….. det ordner sig alt sammen…. og det er aldring så skidt, at det ikke er godt for noget….

Se for eksempel disse “Solid Poetry tiles”

Design Academy graduates Susanne Happle and Frederik Molenschot created ‘Solid Poetry’ for their graduation project. These concrete tiles reveal a flower pattern when they get in contact with water. This is so clever, to make use of the natural elements……… especially in a country like The Netherlands (or here in Scandinavia) where it can rain a lot!

Design uddannede Susanne Happle og Frederik Molenschot har udviklet  ‘Solid Poetry’ som deres afgangsprojekt. Disse beton fliser afslører et blomst mønster, når de kommer i kontakt med vand. Dette er smart tænkt, at gøre brug af de naturlige elementer…… især i et land som Holland (eller her i Skandinavien), hvor det kan regne meget!

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Heat stroke?

As you probably have discovered, it has been fantastic warm and sunny here, the last couple of weeks… ..

Det har som du sikkert har opdaget, været fantastisk varmt og solrigt her på det sidste…..

I’ve hung out on the terrace and occasionally, on the beach, to be cooled down in the wonderful cool water… ….

Maybe you can read between the lines, that I’m more or less on vacation…. although officially the holiday starts on Friday …… after 3 … ..

Jeg har hængt ud på terrassen og en gang imellem smuttet en tur ned på stranden, for at blive kølet ned…….

Som du sikkert kan læse mellem linierne, er jeg mere eller mindre gået på ferie…. selv om ferie officielt først starter på fredag…… efter 3…..

However, there are some who do not enjoy the heat ….. and it is particularly my herbs I am thinking about ….. they are beginning to hang their heads ….. so I have had to plant them in pots and now they live on this herbal-shelf …… The pots I chose are in zinc …. although I’ve read somewhere that zinc pots are not a good idea, as they burn the roots …… but as you can see, I have compromised and planted the herbs in an “inner pot “…… so I hope it helps.

Der er dog nogen som ikke nyder varmen….. og det er bl.a. mine krydderurter….. de er begyndt at hænge med hovedet….. så jeg har måtte plante dem om i krukker og så op på urte-hylden med dem…… det blev til disse her i zink…. selv om jeg har læst et sted, at zink krukker ikke er en god ide, da de brænder rødderne i stykker…… men som du kan se, er jeg gået på kompromis og har plantet urterne i en “inderkrukke”…… så håber jeg på at det hjælper.

Well the weather has turned a little now … … but that is actually not a problem for me…… I mean it is still hot … …. and as I love to swim in the ocean, it’s actually quite amazing now, as the sea temperature is warmer than the air.

Nå, men vejret er slået en smule om nu…… men det er nu ikke fordi det gør noget for mig, for det er jo stadig varmt……. og ynder man som jeg at bade i havet, så er det faktisk helt fantastisk nu, hvor hav temperaturen er varmere end luften.

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Status fra haven

Foto: privat, woman-hood

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