I’ve recently started to…..

….. work out in the morning.

This happens every once in a while, and I usually don’t know what sparks the urge, but I like it.

Anyways, I’m feeling healthy, so whether it comes from eating right, doing something particularly active, or just simply taking care of myself….. I love the feeling. Squats and crunches, here I come!

What have you done for yourself lately, that make you feel good?

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When I’m sick and…..

….. cold, I firmly believe that a hot toddy will make me feel better than any cold or flu medicine I can buy.

I’ve experimented with many versions and varieties and this simple soothing concoction always does the trick.

This toddy isn’t overly sweet and lets the rye whiskey shine. It is a bit jazzed up with the addition of fresh ginger and its sweet side comes from honey.

Serve it alongside a plate of holiday cookies and cakes, or sip it on it’s own as a nightcap (it will make for a deep comfy night’s sleep).

Rye & Ginger Hot Toddy
All you need (1 drink)
1 1/2 ounces rye whiskey
2 teaspoons honey
2 to 3 thin slices fresh ginger, peeled
Lemon wedge
Hot water

Do this
In a teapot with one cup of water add the ginger.

Heat until the teapot whistles.

In a mug add the whiskey, honey, and juice of the lemon wedge. Strain the ginger infused hot water into the mug.

Stir to dissolve the honey and enjoy.

Note: You may wonder what is Rye Whiskey anyway? It’s a whiskey made from a grain mixture that’s mostly rye (at least 51%) and the rest can be corn, wheat, malted rye, malted barley or a combination of any of the above. Then like Bourbon it’s aged in new toasted oak barrels. The results range from robust and spicy whiskey to smooth sips tinged with vanilla and caramel flavors, making Rye whiskey the perfect pick for whipping up some hot toddies.

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“The world we have created is…..

….. a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

- Albert Einstein

Start your day with stillness:
Developing a morning meditation practice can be a life-altering experience in the most positive way. In order to meditate effectively, you must commit to the process and be patient along the way, as it is very challenging to slow down and control your thoughts.

….. Not convinced meditation is for you? Here are five reasons that might change your mind….. along with a handful of tips on how to start a meditation practice.

5 convincing reasons
1. Wake up on the bright side
2. Enhance your awareness
3. Prevent stress and anxiety
4. Find the big picture
5. Boost overall well-being

Increased mindfulness makes us more emotionally balanced and encourages a general sense of wellness. Some evidence suggests that mindful meditation might even boost immune function. A daily meditation practice will leave you feeling present each day, intensify your appreciation for positive experiences, and empower you in your life.

How to Get Started
Get comfortable. Wear loose clothing…… you want to be comfy so that you’ll be able to focus instead of fidgeting.

Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed….. if you like, personalize it with a candle, incense, pictures, or anything that you find calming. Use a blanket, block, or pillow so that you’ll be able to sit comfortably with a nice, tall spine (sit against a wall to support your back if necessary).

Watch and feel your breath move through you….. just breathe and let your thoughts drift in and out of your mind.

Be indifferent. Don’t judge your thoughts. They are just thoughts. And besides, you get to choose what thoughts serve you, which ones to disregard, and how to act. LUCKY YOU.

Remember that meditation is a practice….. some days will be harder than others. It’s not about finding complete stillness in the mind but letting go of resistance and reactions to whatever arises.

Note: Morning meditation can be easy to blow off while lying cozy in bed, but once you’ve done it, keep in mind all the positive ways it makes you feel. Commit to your practice and you’ll see the benefits unfold…… last but not least, keep practicing.

I hope your weekend will be filled with good karma.

Lizzy ♥

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It’s a rare thing for me to…..

….. lose my appetite.

I’ll be honest: I’m one of those people who eats rather than abstains in stressful or emotional situations. Nervously, I can nibble my way though a bowlful of cherries (or, to be more honest, a bag of chips) with hardly a tummy rumble. So when I started getting heavy pains earlier this year, and began taking painkillers while waiting for an operation, I was a little surprised to find that my appetite had disappeared. And so did a lot of other things along with it.

It is a common but mistaken notion among us human beings, that our lives are ruled by our heads - I think, therefore I am etc. - but over the years, I’ve discovered that my belly has a lot to do with who I am and how I move through life. I usually forget about this until, for some reason, my gut is upset and I go to reach for something: physically or emotionally, only to find that there’s not much for me to pull from.

People who study yoga may know what I mean. And those who practice meditation and have learned about the hara (the area centered between the groin and navel) may also understand this. Physically, our gut is our center, and all of our movement originates from this place. If you’ve ever had surgery in your abdominal region, you also may understand how much we use this part of our body to originate movement.

I also find that a distressed belly distracts me in other ways. It’s hard for me to focus, and I get upset, frustrated, impatient and altogether impossible - best to stay clear of me on days that I’m off my feed. Thankfully, as mentioned, this is rare.

There’s a kind of wisdom, too, in our bellies. This is where we locate our sense of instinct and intuition, where we know and understand things that our heads can’t seem to take up - feelings are more gut-based as well.

As human beings, we are a rather amazing and intricate collection of body, heart and mind. Since our minds are so powerful, we sometimes forget how essential the body and heart are to live an engaged and balanced life, and unfortunately, it sometimes takes a measure of distress for us to be reminded of this.

So please hurry to complete my treatment, Madam doctor. I want my peaceful belly back!

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If you are looking for…..

….. a little Zen?

Then I would recommend this Danish app called: iMindfulness

It can help you incorporate simple meditation as a part of your everyday life.

You can start with 4 minutes, or be more ambitious and go straight to 20 minutes.

And a smart calendar feature will help you remember the meditation, until it becomes a natural routine for you.

iMindfulness can be found in Apple’s App Store.

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And talking about the East…..

….. and awareness of moment-to-moment activity of heart and mind,

You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to practice meditation.

Personally, I am not ready for 3 months squatting, but I would still like to nourish my inner “Buddha.” And luckily there are a lot of different techniques if you are looking to find inner peace.

At the moment, I’m testing Buddhify (it works for iPhone and Android).

It’s easy to apply in my everyday life, and it releases me from anguish, confusion and stress.

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This morning, it was…..

….. so hard to drag myself out of bed.

40 degrees and still no signs of improvement…..

so there goes the trip to Düsseldorf.

I really don’t have time to be sick!


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I am sick!

Suddenly I have a sore throat and a fever….. 39 degrees…..

so there will be no trip to the countryside today!

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I’ve recently been inspired…..

….. to work out in the morning before work…..

….. this happens every once in a while, and I usually don’t know what sparks the urge, but I like it.

This time I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been cause by all the Christmas food.

But anyways….. I’m feeling healthy, so whether it comes from eating right, doing something particularly active, or just simply taking care of myself….. I love the feeling. Squats and crunches, here I come!

What have you done for yourself lately, that make you feel good?

♥ Lizzy

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Still no improvement…..

….. Sigh

I think it’s time to give my low energy level a push in the right direction with this delicious little homemade tea….. its great on a cold autumn morning….. and it is quite easy, you just need a little ginger, lemon, honey and boiled water.

10 cm ginger
1 / 2 liter boiling water
juice of 1 lemon
2 Tbsp. elderflower drink
1 tsp. Honey

Grate ginger on a grater and pour over boiling water. Add the lemon juice, elderflower and honey.

Leave the ginger in the tea, when drinking.

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