Yes, today is…..

….. my birthday….. I’m going towards 50 - jubilee!

And, while someone claims that the making of one’s own birthday cake is bad luck (but why?), or simply is not very nice, I have a certain compulsion (”another one?”, you’d say) not only in preparing the dessert, but the whole dinner for a party in my honor!

Am I stupid?! Maybe.

Do I love cooking too much?! For sure!

On my birthday, however, traditionally I don’t cook. We will eat at a restaurant (preferably a surprise restaurant) and this year (we celebrated in advance and held my birthday last Saturday) my daughter and I chose to eat on the very nice restaurant “Søsterne Olsen”….. it was awesome….. I chose (as always) dessert instead of the starter (yet another lie - I ate both)….. I chose my favorite ice-cream: a little semifreddo, a soft fruit one and the three chocolates one - what the heck!

But, for all other parties, believe me, I MUST (it’s a primordial need) prepare something….. the whole dinner, a starter or just the dessert.

But this year I will skip the party, and only make the cake, which I will bring with me to the office tomorrow — I guess I have to celebrate twice as much next year.

….. and since I have not baked the cake yet, I’ll post this unforgettable desserts - perfect for a birthday party.

Ice cream bomb with raspberry meringue
2 litres softened vanilla ice cream
¾ litre softened raspberry sorbet
1 cake base (purchased is fine)
1 small (¾ litre) and 1 large (2 litres) metal bowls

Raspberry meringue
3 free-range egg whites
4 drops fresh lemon juice
325 ml sugar
200 g fresh raspberries

Freeze the bowls (so the ice cream sticks better to the sides and does not melt as quickly when the bowls are to be filled).

Soften the sorbet in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Pack it firmly into the little metal bowl. Cover with cling film and freeze it until the sorbet is hard again, about 2 hours.

Soften the vanilla ice cream in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Cover the bottom and walls of the larger (frozen) metal bowl with vanilla ice cream so you leave the centre hollow.

Take the bowl with the raspberry sorbet out and rinse the outside of the bowl quickly with hot water. Take the sorbet out and press it into the hollow space in the vanilla ice cream. Fill in any excess space with more vanilla ice cream and spread a layer of vanilla ice cream on top so the sorbet disappears into the middle of the bomb.

Cut a round slice out of the cake bottom so it covers the entire surface of the ice cream. Cover with cling film and freeze again until the ice cream bomb is hard.

Rinse the outside of the bowl quickly with hot water and press the ice cream out. Freeze it again so the surface freezes.

Whisk the egg whites, lemon juice and 1 dl sugar with an electric mixer into a thick meringue in a dry and clean stainless steel bowl.

Add another 1 dl sugar while whipping it.

Mash the raspberries with the rest of the sugar and whip it into the meringue at low speed. Whip it hard until it is firm.

Pipe or spread the meringue over the ice cream bomb and cook the surface with a blow torch


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Paris- oh la la

The past couple of weeks have been a little empty in the way of blog posts, because I have been busy and away on business to Paris, but now I’m back!

First up, here is a little information on what I did on my last day away.

I visited Brasserie Julien….. a relic from the glorious age of Art Nouveau.

It’s always a toss-up, on a brief visit to Paris, as to which brasserie to go to - either Julien’s or Flo’s - as both jewels are in the same area of rue de Fauborg St-Denis. For sheer aesthetics, Julien’s wins hands down.

I have often visited the restaurant and ate there, whenever I have been to Paris visiting the shows and exhibitions.

The food and atmosphere are still wonderful today, but the fresh flowers and the lady who used to take my coat are gone, and sadly it isn’t as busy as it once was - maybe a sign of the times we are in. The surrounding streets are still the same - filled with eastern smells, smoke and prostitutes - which makes it all the more sublime when you go inside, taste the aperitif of the day and try to decide which exquisitely traditional Parisian dish to have.

Julien’s was first opened in 1787, though it that time it was known as Le Cheval Blanc, and was converted into a brasserie in 1903. Aside from the paintings, Julien’s also has a floral stained glass roof made by the Guenne company in 1925, which highlights the famous Gismonda, depicting Sarah Bernhardt, as well as Arnaud Jean-Baptiste Segaud’s peacocks.

If you’re looking for a spot of history and a delightful place to eat next time you’re in Paris, I can recommend Julien’s as the place to go!

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Hi and good lovely Saturday morning

What are your plans for the weekend?

This afternoon, I will pick up my mom, and then we are off to Copenhagen

First we will enjoy a fabulous 3-course dinner at Herman…..

and then we have tickets to se Mamma Mia.

But before that, I’m of to the beach with my dogs…. and to the market; grocery shopping for tomorrows super-easy goat cheese recipe…..

….. yes it seemed too good to be true. ….. no backyard goats or help from an older, wiser chef is require!

Nope. It’s almost as easy as making a pot of tea. Except you also need a suitable frying pan (and-maybe-you-don’t-have-this-lying-around). But that’s really it. In less than 35 minutes, you’ll have this wonderful course finished and ready to eat.

Almond-rolled goats’ cheese

(Watercress comes into season in April, when its peppery flavors will work in contrast to the rich goat cheese).

All you need:

For the beetroot
250g fresh beetroot
salt and freshly ground black pepper
75ml olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

For the goats cheese
vegetable oil, for deep frying
200g soft goats’ cheese
75g plain flour
200g flaked almonds

For the dressing
200g fresh basil leaves
75g smoked almonds
1 garlic clove
100g parmesan cheese
100ml olive oil

A small handful watercress, to serve

Do this:
Preheat the oven to 200C.

Cut the beetroot into cubes and place into a bowl. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper and drizzle with the olive oil.

Place onto a baking tray and transfer to the oven to roast for 30-40 minutes, or until soft.

Remove from the oven and place into a bowl. Drizzle with the balsamic vinegar and stir to coat.

Goats’ cheese:
Half-fill a deep, heavy-bottomed pan with the oil and heat until a breadcrumb sizzles and turns brown when dropped into it. (CAUTION: hot oil can be dangerous. Do not leave unattended.)

Cut the goats’ cheese into eight equal pieces and roll up into balls. Dredge the balls in the flour.

Spread the flaked almonds out on a plate and roll the cheese balls in the flaked almonds, pressing them into the cheese, to completely coat (don’t worry if the almond flakes break up a bit).

Carefully add the cheese balls to the hot oil and deep-fry for about 30 seconds - one minute, or until golden-brown all over. Carefully remove with a slotted spoon and drain onto kitchen paper.

Place the basil, smoked almonds, garlic, parmesan and olive oil into a food processor and blend until smooth.

To serve:
Place a small amount of watercress onto each plate and place a piece of deep fried goats’ cheese on top. Place a few cubes of beetroot around the cheese and spoon over a little of the dressing.

Enjoy and have a lovely Saturday

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More mood photos…..

….. from our trip to Stockholm……

….. here we among others visited Riche.….

….. where I tested a new variant of: Spaghetti all Vongole classico:

Sandwich Vongole

I will guess it can be made like this:
400 gr. clams
400 gr. cherry tomato
1 sprig of parsley
a few basil leaves
1 clove garlic
chilli q.b.
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Do this:
Clean the clams and keep them in salted water for at least 2/3 hours. Put them in a pan with a lid and let them cook.

Meanwhile clean tomatoes.

When the clams have opened, strain the liquid and keep it all aside.

Chopped parsley, basil and a clove of garlic and fry it in a pan in olive oil. Add the liquid and reduce until it remains only the fund.

Add the tomatoes, season with salt and pepper and a pinch of chilli, then cook over high heat for about 10 minutes, then add the clams, and cook for a few more minutes.

Meanwhile, grill the beautiful bread.

Serve as desired and garnish with a handful of basil and parsley.

Tips: it is a good idea to serve the bread aside, so the juice from the clams does not soak it.

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Today we visited “Restaurant Vålkojan”. The restaurant is very nice, and located in the most fantastic settings……. and in our family we have a tradition, to always visit this restaurant at least once every year, to eat waffles.

I dag besøgte vi “Restaurant Vålkojan”. Restauranten er utrolig hyggelig og ligger i de mest fantastiske omgivelser, og det er tradition i vor familie, at vi altid besøger restauranten mindst en gang hvert år for at spise vafler.

The restaurant is known for serving traditional food….. but one of the more strange topics on the menu is Cheese puffs served with a glass of Pinot Noir….. a little grotesque…. but Åhhhh so good.

Restauranten er kendt for at servere husmandskost tilberedt af de bedste råvarer….. men en af de mere specielle emner på menuen er Ostbåger og et glas Pinot Noir….. lidt grotesk…. men Åhhhh så godt.

For more: Valkojan

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The best of Gothenburg…..

Göteborgs bedste……

If you are a regular reader here on my blog, you know that Sweden is my “second home” and that my Danish friends think, that I might have gone a bit “overboard”.

Hvis du er fast læser her på bloggen, ved du at Sverige er mit “andet hjem”, og at et par af mine danske venner mener, at jeg måske er gået hen og blevet en lille smule “for Svensk’et”.

Anyway, Gothenburg is one of my favorite cities, and a city that I visit often….. is there anything better than Gothenburg at this time of year?…. I think not! It’s wonderful to stroll in the Christmas decorated streets (hopefully there will be a little snow), hand in hand with the one you love, and then later eat a nice dinner and get a good night’s sleep in one of Gothenburg’s many fine hotels.

Anyway, Göteborg er en af mine favorit byer, som jeg ofte besøger….. og er der noget bedrer end Göteborg på denne årstid?…. jeg tror det ikke! Det er vidunderligt at slentre i de julepyntede gader (forhåbentligt er der også lidt sne), hånd i hånd med den man holder af,  for senere at spise en dejlig middag og få en god nats søvn på et af Göteborgs mange fine hoteller.

And if my trip goes to Gothenburg, Saluhallen Briggen is an absolute must on my program. Saluhallen is located in the old fire station, a stone’s throw from Järntorget on Nordhemsgatan in Linnéstaden.

Og går min turen til Göteborg, er Saluhallen Briggen et absolut must på programmet. Saluhallen ligger i den gamle brandstation, et stenkast fra Järntorget, på Nordhemsgatan i Linnéstaden.

Here is a fabulous range of delicacies shops with products from all corners of the world, restaurants, cafes and pub’s …… and here you can buy all sorts of imaginable delicacies, spices, coffee, cheese….. or you can just enjoy the fantastic atmosphere in the beautiful old 1800s building.

Her er et fantastisk udbud af delikatessebutikker med varer fra alle verdenshjørner, restauranter, caféer og pub’s…… og her kan du købe alle mulige tænkelige delikatesser, krydderier, kaffe, ost….. eller du kan bare nyde den fantastisk skønne atmosfære i den gamle 1800tals bygning.

My personal favorite in Saluhallen is Deli123 which opened in February 2004.

Min personlige favorit i Saluhallen er Deli123 som åbnede i februar 2004.

The restaurant is owned and operated by: Lasse Nilsson and his future wife Eva Zachau. Lasse has, among other things a history in Sjömagasinet with Leif Mannerström as chief cook and confectioner, and he has for years worked abroad in France and New York. But beyond the fine references, Lasse is also an incredibly lovely person, who together with Eva has managed to create an atmosphere of warmth…. a place where you always feel welcome, well taken care of…… and where your taste buds will be spoiled with the best raw products….. prepared with love.

Restauranten drives og ejes af Lasse Nilsson og hans kommende kone Eva Zachau. Lasse har blandt andet en fortid i Sjömagasinet hos Leif Mannerström som kok og chefkonditor, og han har i flere år arbejdet udenlands i Frankrig og New York. Men udover de fine referencer, er Lasse et utroligt dejligt menneske, som sammen med Eva har formået at skabe en atmosfære af varme…. et sted hvor man altid føler sig velkommen, taget godt i mod…… og hvor ens smagsløg bliver forkælet med de bedste råvarer….. tilberedt med kærlighed.

Deli123 also has a delicacies shop that offers meat, fish, cheese, desserts and Göteborgs best prepared meals. Here you can buy everything from traditional dishes to tree-course exclusive dinners and wonderful delicacies.

Deli123 har også en delikatesse afdeling, som tilbyder kød, fisk, ost, deserter samt Göteborgs bedste færdigretter. Her kan du købe alt fra husmandskost til eksklusive 3retters middage og skønne delikatesser.

Deli123 offers cooking lessons and wine testing.

Personally I would love to throw this year Christmas party as something different. A cooking course for example! It’s a different kind of team-building, and a very charming and different way to spend time with your colleagues ……. and it can’t be held in a more atmospheric place, than the cozy environment of Saluhallen, and with Lasse as guide, the perfect evening is in place.

Deli123 tilbyder madlavningskursus og vin prøvning.

Personligt ville jeg elske at holde årets julefrokost på en helt anderledes måde. Et madlavningskursus er en anderledes form for team-building og samtidig en fantastisk hyggelig og anderledes måde at tilbringe tid sammen med sine kolleger……. og det kan ikke blive bedre og mere stemningsfyldt, end i Saluhalls fantastisk hyggelige miljø, og med Lasses kyndige vejledning, er rammerne til den perfekte aften på plads.

Photo: Deli123

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Hello and good morning

We were out playing golf again yesterday…. and I was so pissed …… I played like S… I threw my club across the fairways on 14 …… cursed loudly and proclaimed: “I will never play golf again”….. I closed my bag and went blazing away towards 15…… but after a bit….. I opened my bag again …… and played on.

Vi var igen i går, ude og spille golf……. og det er længe siden jeg har været så sur…… for jeg spiller af H til…. på 14 hul smed jeg min kølle hen af fairwayen…… bandede højt og proklamerede: “jeg spiller aldrig golf igen”….. jeg lukkede min bag og trampede rasende af sted mod 15……. efter at have sundet mig lidt….. åbnede jeg bagen igen…… og spillede videre.

And although I after four days of golf, decided that I should ha a break….. I was the one on golfbox this morning…..  booking a new teetime, for this afternoon.

Og til trods for at jeg efter fire dage på golfbanen besluttede, at jeg skulle ha en dags pause…… var jeg på golfbox her til morgen….. for at bestille en ny tid, til i eftermiddag.

As a carrot (or consolation), I booked a table at Strand Pavillonen for tonight …

Som en gulerod (eller til trøst om du vil) har jeg bestilt et bord på Strand Pavillonen til i aften…

Strand Pavillonenis a nice casual restaurant in Hornbaek, where you all year round can experience a varied menu, ranging from international to homemade cooking……. and they have an excellent outdoor grilbuffet….. perfect for a summer evening…..

Strand Pavillonen er en hyggelig afslappet restaurant i Hornbæk, hvor man året rundt kan opleve et varieret menukort, der spænder fra internationalt storkøkken til husmandskost……. og de har en glimrende udendørs grilbuffet….. perfekt til en sommerferie aften…..

On their website I found this recipe.

Chef’s Corner - Baked chocolate ganache

450 g dark chocolate

400 g butter

400 g sugar

4 ½ dl coffee

8 eggs

Melt chocolate and butter over a water bath. Cook sugar and coffee to syrup (cooking time approx. 30 min.) Whip chocolate and syrup together and turn the eggs in one at the so it becomes a shiny mass. Bake at 170 degrees for approx. 15 min. Placed in cold storage.

På deres hjemmeside fandt jeg denne opskrift.

Kokkens Corner - Bagt chokolade ganache

450 g mørk chokolade

400 g smør

400 g sukker

4½ dl kaffe

8 æg

Chokolade og smør smeltes over vandbad. Sukker og kaffe koges til sirup (kogetid ca. 30 min.) Chokolade og sirup piskes sammen og æg vendes i et af gangen til en blankmasse. Bages ved 170 grader i ca. 15 min. Stilles på køl herefter.

I will test it tomorrow.

Den skal jeg teste i morgen.

Ha a beautiful sunny day

Ha en dejlig solskinsdag

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Do you know: Fredes flying plate?

Kender du Fredes Flyvende Tallerken i Århus?

It is a modern cafe / restaurant….. and as extra, they show art on their walls……. the art is primarily done by younger artists, who are not afraid to seek new ways……

Det er en moderne cafe / restaurant, med kunst på væggene, som primært er udført af yngre kunstnere, der ikke er bange for at søge nye veje.

The last time we visited, I had  a gigantic hangover……. and because of that, we chose the ultimate cure for a hangover…… a UFO-burger with fries and spiced majo.

Da vi sidst var på besøg, var det dagen der på, og vi havde en smule ondt i håret. Derfor valgte vi den ultimative kur mod tømmermænd, i form af en UFO-burger med fritter og kryddermayo.

The portion was gigantic…… food for real men (my husband said with a happy grin)……

Portionen var gigantisk……. altså rigtig herremad (til stor glæde for min mand)

The big hamburger was gratin with cheddar and served in durumbread with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and dressing (”from the thousand islands”). The fries were incredibly crisp and tasty and was served in company of a portion homemade spicy mayo…… which probably would look better on the side of the plate, than on the side of me…… but that day (the hangover and all)….. I made an exception……

Den store lækre hakkebøf var gratineret med cheddar og serveret i en durumbolle, pyntet med frisk salat, tomater, rødløg og dressing (”fra de tusinde øer”). Fritterne var sprøde og utroligt smagsfulde og blev serveret i selskab med en portion hjemmelavet krydret mayonnaise……. som sikkert ville se bedre ud på siden af tallerkenen, end på siden af mig……. men i dagens anledning (de der tømmermænd)….. så gjorde jeg en undtagelse…….

My recommendation: It was as always a taste experiences……. it is a pleasure to eat in a restaurant, where the cook is not afraid to use spices…… and where they only uses the best raw materials……. total price DKK 100, - + beverages.

Min anbefaling: Det var som altid på FF’s tallerken, en smagsoplevelser……. for det er en fornøjelse at man her på restauranten, ikke er bange for at bruge krydderier……, og at man kun bruger de bedste råvarer. …….. samlet pris kr. 100,- + drikke varer.

I had a coke that day…… but for those who are not attacked by a vicious hangover, Fredes Flyvende Tallerken offers an interesting selection of Danish special beer.

Jeg holdt mig til cola den dag…….. men til dem som ikke er angrebet af onde tømmermænd, så byder Fredes Flyvende Tallerken på et interessant udvalgt af danske specialøl.

Fredes flyvende tallerken

Se tidligere indlæg her: her

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Peter Lieps Hus

Vi havde søndag valgt, at tage en tur i dyrehaven for at få motion, frisk luft og en hyggelig frokost. Vi hentede først min mor og drog derefter alle tre, af sted til Klampenborg.

Fra parkeringspladsen (som er gratis om vinteren) tager det kun et par minutter, før man omsluttes af Dyrehavens træer, og endnu kun et par minutter, før man kan se Peter Lieps Hus inde til højre.

Vi valgte at gå en lang tur ned til Eremitageslottet, før vi besluttede det var tid for frokost på Peter Liep, som er traditionelt dansk med alt hvad det indebærer.  Der er altså ikke en moderne eller trendy restaurant, men et traktørsted, som tilbyder traditionel dansk frokost med mørbradbøffer, fiskefilet, sild og snaps.

Mange Københavnerne valfarter i weekenden ud til Dyrehaven og en del af dem finder vej til Peter Liep.

Det er for stemningen man besøger restauranten, ikke på grund af betjeningen, som på en god dag kan variere fra middel til uforskammet, afhængig af, hvor travlt der er i restauranten. Om vinteren kommer huset rigtig til sin ret, når ilden buldrer i kaminerne og skovgæsterne søger ly for kulden, så oplever man hvorfor Peter Lieps Hus er en uundværlig del af Dyrehaven, og så er betjeningen på restauranten, af mindre betydning.

Vi valgte smørebrød med øl og snaps. Sild var god og fiskefilet var frisk og stegt i smør, kokken havde været generøs med rejer og frisk pynt men desværre var rugbrødet ikke hjemmebagt. Camembert ost var af den slags som var købt frossen og færdig paneret og det traditionelle syltetøj, var erstattet med jordbær marmelade af den billigste slags, og det var en skam. Men på trods af madens varierende kvalitet, havde vi en hyggelig eftermiddag i det gamle skovløberhus.

For dem som ikke kender Peter Liep, er her en kort beskrivelse:

Peter Lieps Hus har navn efter en tidligere skytte i Dyrehaven, Peter Liep (1837-96), der drev det som traktørsted fra 1888 til sin død. Indtil da havde det været bolig for en skovløber. Men selv om Peter Liep kun havde stedet i 8 år, nåede han at sætte så meget præg på det, at det siden har været kendt som netop hans hus.  Huset nedbrændte i 1915, men blev genopført efter de gamle tegninger allerede to år efter. Peter Lieps Hus er ikke bare en restaurant, der ligger i Dyrehaven, men også en del af Dyrehavens kulturhistorie.

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