Paris- oh la la

The past couple of weeks have been a little empty in the way of blog posts, because I have been busy and away on business to Paris, but now I’m back!

First up, here is a little information on what I did on my last day away.

I visited Brasserie Julien….. a relic from the glorious age of Art Nouveau.

It’s always a toss-up, on a brief visit to Paris, as to which brasserie to go to - either Julien’s or Flo’s - as both jewels are in the same area of rue de Fauborg St-Denis. For sheer aesthetics, Julien’s wins hands down.

I have often visited the restaurant and ate there, whenever I have been to Paris visiting the shows and exhibitions.

The food and atmosphere are still wonderful today, but the fresh flowers and the lady who used to take my coat are gone, and sadly it isn’t as busy as it once was - maybe a sign of the times we are in. The surrounding streets are still the same - filled with eastern smells, smoke and prostitutes - which makes it all the more sublime when you go inside, taste the aperitif of the day and try to decide which exquisitely traditional Parisian dish to have.

Julien’s was first opened in 1787, though it that time it was known as Le Cheval Blanc, and was converted into a brasserie in 1903. Aside from the paintings, Julien’s also has a floral stained glass roof made by the Guenne company in 1925, which highlights the famous Gismonda, depicting Sarah Bernhardt, as well as Arnaud Jean-Baptiste Segaud’s peacocks.

If you’re looking for a spot of history and a delightful place to eat next time you’re in Paris, I can recommend Julien’s as the place to go!

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Rise and…..

….. shine, my pretties!

How beautiful is this walnut headboard and bed frame?

Wouldn’t you love to wake up in a bed just like this? I know I would!

[Image: Walnut Street]

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All I want for Christmas is…..

This blooming reindeer pillow is just beautiful!

The needlework and wooly fabric is such a great combo, and I love the stag silhouette.

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Did you manage to…..

…..  get yourself to Decorex this year?….. held in the incredibly stunning grounds of the Chelsea Hospital….. if not,  you missed a real treat!

Here are a few shots from the exhibition…… there were a wide variety of exhibitors showing the latest trends in Interiors, from furniture and  fountains to embroidered textiles and machine embroidered wallpaper to die for - Great inspiration!

There was this enormous Elephant placed in the centre of the exhibition, made from reclaimed wood.

….. and these lovely Mad Hatter’s hats.

….. and…..

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How cute are these…..

….. tea towels from the Keep Calm Gallery?


I think they would make a simple, but very sweet addition to my kitchen, don’t you?

Have a lovely weekend


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Did you ever visit a handbag….

….. in a store window or a pair of shoes?

I have a couple friends who can stand for hours in front of a shop window….. some time they find themselves virtually licking the glass in attempt to get the shoes out and down on their feet.

That’s how I feel about ‘Home’ stuff. I have a wonderful Italian dining table in my kitchen, everything Iittala has designed of cutlery and kitchenware and absolutely gorgeous upholstered furniture that I sink into at the end of a hard day….. why work if one can’t enjoy sinking into gorgeous furniture and enjoying fabulous food?

Whenever I travel to NYC I spend hours at ABC….. just licking everything in wonder and desire. OK, to be honest my budget is more Crate and Barrel, but one can at least aspire to beautiful things……

I love the Paul Smith Home store in London. It is way out of my price range of cause, but at least looking is free….. but if you can spare £2.900,- for a lovely shell covered dolls house (marked down from £4.200,-) or a ‘Love’ silk wall hanging for only £1.515,- then swing by….. just let me know where this stuff is going, so I can swing by to your house and lick the glass there too.

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I have planned a movie night…..

Wallpaper from Katie Ridder

….. with my daughter. A girl’s night with “Sex and the City 2 - The movie”, but I must admit: my expectations are not Big (the last movie was not a hit - in my opinion)….. but who knows?

One of Carrie lines in the movie is: “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture”….. here are some photos from Mr. Big and Carrie’s home….. and Ohhhh horror….. I am sorry Carrie, but you don’t have much style when it comes to home interior….. or maybe it is the designer Lydia Marks one should blame.

But anyway: the blue pouf in their living room is lovely….. it’s designed by Anne Kyyrrö Quinn. The gray armchair comes from Bergdorf Goodman, and it is from the forties and designed by the English architect TH Robsjohn Gibbings. The pillow lying on the floor is from Paul Smith and is called Birdie Blossom.

Foto: Sex and the city 2 - The movie interior HBO

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And speaking of colors…..

….. white is the new black

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Speaking of coffee…..

….. cups….. Blue Mega from Danish design icon Royal Copenhagen has it’s 10th anniversary this year, and is celebrating it with the launch of new parts.

Blue Mega is high, high, high on my personal wish list….. next to “Elements”….. so what could be better than to post these beautiful pictures of Royal Copenhagen dinnerware?

Photographer Morten Holtum

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Spring news from Ferm

See these glorious color blobs in Ferm Livings new spring catalog.

It’s filled with fresh accent colors like yellow, apricot and mint green as a contrast to the gray base color.

And like other interior companies, Ferm has also added knitted detail to their collection, such as floor puffs and a vase with “coat”! FUN!

Photo: Ferm Living

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