“I always say,

….. wear black and drink white!”

- Michael Kors

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A slight grunge look for…..

….. Friday?

I’m trying to buy new clothes and re-invent my look……

I’m failing…..haha.

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When the days grow shorter…..

….. weather gets cooler and color fades out of the season…..

….. it’s time to add that splash of color to your winter wardrobe….. with for example a chic new clutches…..

Via: Mrs. Lilien

Jewel encrusted or satin dusted - anything less is just plain busted! If you haven’t a clever collection of clutches just yet - you best make haste and get yourself out of clutch debt!

1. Nancy Gonzalez Croc Clutch 2. LuLu Guinness Hot Pink Lips Clutch 3. Judith Leiber Wildcat Clutch 4. Vintage Feather Clutch 5. Paparazzi Gold Stripe Clutch 6. Inge Christopher Grey Clutch 7. Flutter Flower Clutch  8. Pop Art Pearl Clutch

Have a lovely weekend


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Alright…… so you’re dressed…..

….. and the perfect accessories are in place.

….. All you need now are shoes that have your toes custom painted on them by a Belgian artist - check!

By: Bart Persons

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In my opinion…..

….. nudes are always chic…… these soft delicate shades that is sweet yet feminine has always been one of my favorites.

Images: net-a-porter and thefashionspot

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Lovely, lovely

A+ (Aplus) Design is a collaboration between Paris illustrator Annalisa Pagetti and Milan fashion stylist Raffella Lavezzi.

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Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome back for…..

….. the bum bag! (Or fanny pack, if you’re American)….. I think I need one of those!

New York Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs S/S 2010

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This is not the time…..

….. to be black.

I love the idea of being colorful. Normaly I wear almost only black clothing, but now I want to wear all kinds of yellows, greens, blues, even pink….. to make me feel more zesty!

The title of today’s post is also a great reminder to live life with VA VA VOOM, spice things up, go on adventures, challenge yourself to grow and learn, and make the best out of every situation.

What do you do to spice up your life?

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My husband was in Gothenburg today…..

……. and when he came home, he handed me a gift….. this wonderful book:

“A Piece of Cake” 
 by Leila Lindholm (Photo:here)

The book: “Leilas bakbok “a piece of cake” contains over 200 delicious recipes for breads and pastries. Leila’s idea was to make a bakbok with everything from baguettes and mother’s crumpets to grandmother’s crisp blueberry pie, American wedding cake and peanut butter cupcakes. She has been inspired of her heroes in the kitchen……. her mother, grandmother and aunt Elsa. Leila’s many travels and above all, the time she lived in New York has influenced many of her beautiful and timeless pastries”.

It was love at first sight, when I saw the book on Pernillas kitchen shelf, when we were visiting her in Stockholm last weekend …. she got it as a gift last Christmas. I think I spent an hour looking at all the beautiful pictures…….. åhhhhhh…. I can’t wait the 4 weeks till I’m allowed to eat bread again….. so I can test all these delicious recipes.

But judge for yourself. You can browse the book if you visit this link


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Beautiful butterfly wings…..

…by oh my deer

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